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DS Containers' History

DS Containers is a unique Japanese-American partnership (DS is derived from Daiwa-Seikan - the latter is the Japanese word for can making). The former founder of the American side of the equation was William J. Smith, Sr., a packaging veteran with over 50 years of experience. He was the founding CEO of U.S. Can Company, and before that, executive vice president of American Can Company's Paper Division, then the nation's largest packaging company. In both places he established relationships with Daiwa and was instrumental in forging the present arrangement.

In 2004, a 236,000 square-foot plant was built in Batavia, IL, specifically for the DSC operation, which has been outfitted with state-of-the-art production equipment, using proprietary Daiwa technology. Modeled after Daiwa's successful "New Bottle Can", an aluminum beverage can made in Japan, the DSC container is a two-piece PET-laminated steel aerosol can. Geared initially to the U.S market, it combines value and product integrity in a can that gives marketers a premium package, with greater consumer appeal than the traditional three-piece aerosol can. Since production began in 2005, consumers and marketers alike cannot get enough of this award-winning, modern and seamless container.

Daiwa Can Company's History

In 1939, Mr. Hisakichi Yamaguchi founded a small company in Osaka, Japan to make cork-lined caps for bottles. The business grew into a six-line plant, and the company changed its name to Daiwa Can Company. Then, in the mid-fifties, Daiwa entered into a technical assistance agreement with American Can Company, which led to the manufacture of beer cans. In 1965, Daiwa merged with Kyushu Can and became one of Japan's leading packaging manufacturers.

Almost all of the new products and technologies introduced into the Japanese can industry in the past 40 years have come from Daiwa. They include the first production of liquid coffee cans, the first drawn-and-ironed steel cans, centralized end making, coil laminating and the "New Bottle Can", the first re-sealable metal can in the worldwide beverage market.

Today, Daiwa has 11 plants and represents approximately one-third of the can industry in Japan. As a member of the Yamaguchi Enterprise Group, Daiwa is allied with a sister company, Shin Nippon Koki, a major machinery and machine tool business. For more information, click on Daiwa Can Company.

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