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We Are Industry Innovators

Welcome to DS Containers, the newest name in aerosol packaging. In our state-of-the-art plant in Batavia, Illinois, we produce a two-piece polymer-coated steel aerosol can; the first consumer package of its kind in the United States.

Using proprietary technology developed by our partner, Daiwa Can Company of Japan, our new, modern container is available for a variety of product applications.

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  • Available for sizes 211x604 and 211x713
  • All-around spiral debossing or custom debossing
  • Differentiated store shelf presence
  • Applicable to existing can artwork
  • Artwork text & UPC code egibility unaffected
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Our Green Initiatives

We’ve combined style, strength, and sustainability in a high-quality steel can with a low carbon footprint. From the very beginning we have been able to target sustainability. With our partner, Daiwa Can Company, we first designed a physically different container that optimizes the use of materials and energy. Then we built state-of-the-art plants that use the cleanest technology and the best production practices.

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  • Less energy, material consumption, and waste in our process
  • Our cans are 100% recyclable
  • Printing that does not use water or alcohol, reducing hazardous wastes

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